Non-Surgical Inch Loss Treatment in Pune

Traditional liposuction involves a manual mode of operation for removing the unwanted pockets of fat on the body. Non-surgical body sculpting entails fat dissolving and skin-tightening procedures that are minimally invasive - allowing you to safely achieve a more shapely, toned body in multiple sessions.

The biggest advantages are reduction of fat deposits, removal of cellulite, and the firming of facial and body skin. The treatment sessions are relatively shorter when compared to liposuction. It has become the preferred choice for many because of its minimal downtime and little to no discomfort.

How it works?

Step 1

First, a luxurious natural carbon cream is applied to the surface of the skin and allowed to dry. The non-toxic lotion looks something like a mud

Step 2

Natural carbon quickly absorbs oil, impurities, and dead skin cells from deep within pores and pulls toxins to the surface.

Step 3

The carbon mask also creates an even Plato for the laser energy. After the carbon mask is applied, it’s time for the Q-Switched laser.


Have questions? Let us answer them for you.

What body parts can be treated upon?

The treatment can be performed on most areas of the body, including the stomach, back, arms, legs, and the smaller areas such as the neck.

What is the time duration of each session?

The duration of the treatment is usually based on how many areas are being treated as well as the mode of treatment application. It range from 25 minutes to over 1 hour

Will my skin get saggy?

Since the fat loss is gradual, your skin should naturally tighten as the weight is lost.

Is there any downtime?

Since body-sculpting is non-surgical, patients can generally get back to their daily routines after treatment. However, be sure to check with our doctor for the possible do’s and don’ts.

Are the results instant?

Just as every body will require a different type of treatment, no results are the same. You could start to see results within three weeks, but true results generally take one to three months to show up.

Who is a suitable candidate?

Anyone who is looking for spot reduction and to reduce stubborn fat. 

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